War Robots Multiplayer Battles Mod Apk 6.7.5 (Unlimited Ammo)


War Robots Multiplayer Battles Mod Apk 6.7.5 – exciting, dynamic and high-quality action on multiplayer battles with furs. Gamers are invited to sit in the cockpit of one of 39 huge combat robots and go on missions, to fight in PvP (6 on 6 players), in various ways and conditions, to create a clan of hardened participants in battle. and bring it to the top of the rankings. Dozens of weapons and modules will significantly improve the unit, so even the simplest at the beginning of the model in an incredibly destructive steel monster can only solve the situation on the battlefield. War Robots Apk Mod is a cool multiplayer shooter in which you can stand at the helm of a huge combat robot and participate in dynamic fights with tens of thousands of real players.

Before going to one of the dozens of gaming locations, you need to select a robot and equip it. You can install both new armor and force field, as well as fresh weapons that can deal colossal damage to enemies, both short and long distance. The game has both large-caliber conventional machine guns, as well as rocket launchers, electric pistols and laser systems. Don’t forget to use the module to make jumps, and also to install jet packs for short flights. Once on the battlefield, you need to move around with the virtual joystick, turn it with the help of batteries and attack enemies – a huge set of buttons on the right side of the screen, without forgetting to reload your weapon at time. To win the battle, you, along with the other players on your team, in the allotted time to destroy as many enemies as possible. With the proceeds you can buy weapons, armor and other new functional modules. Overall, the gameplay of the game was very dynamic, high quality graphics, and the most realistic physics possible to imagine.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Inactive Bots. MOD works up to level 8!


January 22, 2021

4.1 and later versions


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