Swamp Attack 2 Mod Apk (Endless Money/Ammo)

Swamp Attack 2 Mod Apk – Our good friend Gradual Joe is just sitting on his porch, thinking about his personal business, when a swarm of mutants ’gators storm in! Good job he got the entrance to the gun, however he will need a lot of complete help and a lot of ammo this time … These monsters involve enterprise and so they run straight in the direction of Joe’s cabin on this superior protection of tower. recreation. First they come for the swamp, then the whole world, then don’t show pity and drive them out of your personal belongings! Evil crocs, grizzly gators, bloodthirsty beavers and rabid mice. Are they mutants? Zombies? All we know is that they are lethal! They will usually do more than destroy the vegetation in case they are closed, so load the gun and take photos!

Rifles, shotguns, rockets, bombs, grenades … observe your intention and your skill of shooting at the bow with an intensive variation of weapons. Some weapons are efficient on small fast monsters while others are higher on huge, slow beasts! Upgrade your weapons as you go to ward off a monstrous storm. Joe little by little is not the strongest point on the field and he will want to help defend his swamp! Meet the Flame Welder Cousin, armed and harmful Uncle Bushy and the not so sweet Grandma Mau. Mix deadly weapons with deadly members of the family for the most effective assault. Start in the Deep South and play to advance towards the Siberian swamps of China and Russia. Completely different monsters are hiding in different areas, and even you will want robust ways to defeat a few of these zombies, then gain the ability to fight back on this tower protection recreation! Swamp Assault 2 is an action-packed assault and recreational protection full of weapons, monsters and zombies. Players who love shooting video games, gun video games, video games with the bow, monster video games, tower protection video games, racing video games, funny video games and funny characters will also enjoy this recreation!

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Endless money, upgrade cards and ammo.


April 23, 2021

5.0 and later versions


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