Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk 1.24.1 (High Damage + Freeze The Enemy)


Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk 1.24.1 – the good role-playing mission from NEKKI is a sequence of the second half of the cult. Now it is full of beautiful and colorful graphics, easy movement animation, a huge number of characters, weapons, skills, shots and much more, which offers a dynamic and intense gameplay. Shadow World is frozen in anticipation of a global battle between the three factions with completely different view factors on the power of the shadow, a singular substance that gives unimaginable energy. Players will determine for themselves what they like and can try to guide this aspect to total dominance and the execution of their plans. And to act, they must fight the enemy champions and defeat them despite all difficulties. Shadow Fight 3 Apk Mod it’s the third part of the enjoyable prevention game with improved graphics, new characters and newly modified battle mechanics. Because the gameplay prevents the game from changing much, you will still participate in battles, using the multi-position joystick and a set of buttons responsible for hitting.

The selection game provides a huge arsenal of weapons, which includes blades, sharp swords, spears, hammers and extras. Try to anticipate the actions of your opponents and be the first to attack, block their assaults and make highly effective combos. As the battle progresses, you can fill the power scale, which allows you to activate the shadow mode. At this level, the character becomes stronger, more durable and receives far fewer injuries. One of the many major improvements of the third half, are the battles with the current players. There may also be a basic marketing campaign mode, the place you have to compete with completely different fighters, trying to get to the last battle. This time the graphics have grown into more volume, the characters behave extremely naturally, and the design of the areas seems to be just fine. Animations, results, detailed objects and tools of the fighters, every little thing is worked out and leaves only constructive impressions from the game.

Features of the Mod Apk

When the opponent jumps or shoots, if the opponent hits the opponent, the opponent will be closed. If the opponent moves again, stop a bit without hitting the opponent. (Same as ours), after finishing the tutorial, an error will be encountered, you have to restart, click on “Continue”, the game will be normal after restarting automatically
Note: If you enter the game and the progress bar does not go, exit and re-enter, you will need to download more data.


January 24, 2021

4.1 and later versions


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Shadow Fight 3 v1.24.1 Mod

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