My Talking Hank Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

U mo Talking Hank Mod Apk it’s probably one of the sequels to the brilliant entertainment the place should watch over the little pet. The four-legged good friend was spotted in a small basket, which was draped over a beautiful, cozy sunny island by a chicken. The participant must look after the pet, hug him carefully, because of him he is still small and desires help. What do you want? You, as the responsible tutor, may want to monitor the method for going to the bathroom, sleep mode and feeding baby Hank. The character could be very passionate about nature and take pictures of animals from his familiar atmosphere. That’s why the hero carries a digital camera, photos from which they leave in a private photo album. In general, to get a picture of an unusual inhabitant of an island, it is essential to acquire something to attract the eye of the animal. 30 photos of each animal with different toys give a financial bonus, in addition to the opening of a new character.

If the person needs a range, the animal has its own personal closet, and in the course of the day it likes to take a nap in the hammock. The night is an authorized time to sleep and relax. The application paper is effectively thought out, and the digital world is offered for analysis. A pleasing picture, a wonderful design, a detail and a cute pet are just small benefits of the device. The soundtrack isn’t devoid of creativity, due to the fact that the builders have thrown animal voices into the game, and the rumble of ocean surfing won’t let anyone down. Hank can repeat to the person what he said, but with a better be aware of being constructive and laughing in his voice. My Talking Hank can help you get pleasure and distraction from regular problems.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Money and diamonds increase during purchases;
  • The minimum cost of items.


April 20, 2021

4.4 and later versions


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