Little Bigfoot Mod Apk 2.21 (Unlimited Currency)


Little Bigfoot Mod Apk 2.21 – Size Matters! Experience the immense world of your favorite mythological creatures and much, much more.

  • HELLO! your captured package scattered around the globe
  • ESCAPE! from Bumbling Hunters, Whimsical Hunters and Secret Enterprises
  • CUGLIU! and play with a multitude of mythological species
  • SMASH! because of enemies and environments with your superseded Inner Beast
  • ATTENTION! the watchful eye of the evil SOCOk.S. group
  • EXPLORE! mystical worlds in beautiful 3D environments

Your private home was stormed, your package scattered in the wind, and you were even left alone. Now it’s up to you, the ultimate little Bigfoot to find, save and make your family and friends live together. He sets foot on an epic journey that can capture the stealth style on his head Little Bigfoot Apk Mod! Put your best foot forward using cunning, intuition and the help of some distinctive characters to save your legendary species, and escape without being caught by the bumbling people! Save and rebuild your Little Bigfoot pack after they have been scattered and captured by your Human enemies. Hunters and their 4-legged associates are not the factor that is good to fear. The evil SOCKS (Search Outsored Crypto Kritter Squad) are always on guard every sentence of your presence. The little Bigfoot extras that you release in a space the extras they take for granted, and they should even throw a punch on INVASION!

Features of the Mod Apk

  • After completing the tutorial, you can get unlimited value.


January 25, 2021

4.1 and later versions


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Little Bigfoot v2.21 Mod

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