Idle Space Farmer Mod Apk 1.7.5


Idle Space Farmer – Waifu Manager Simulator Mod Apk 1.7.5 it’s a clicker with a groundbreaking situation, significantly from the first to the bottom, setting for a distant future, along with battles with completely different types of monsters. In this case, avid gamers will be rare farmers who come to a distant place and unsuitable for the agricultural actions of the planet. They can develop and produce unparalleled resources, although a very invaluable resource. The complexity of the strategy is that it is formed only in our body of nightmare monsters. And that’s why the beds will be drill bins, the place where brave farmers will exterminate the disgusting mass, present the components collected upstairs, and players will improve all items and replenish staff with new employees.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Daily Rewards // open daily rewards> click on collect> click on the “x” then click again on daily rewards and repeat until you are satisfied // check the video if confused.
  • Increasing the number // when you use the money never decreases
  • Increased Super Cash // when you use super cash it never decreases
  • Increase Ticket Gacha // when you use Ticket Gacha it will never decrease

Note: It does not work on devices with Android 4


January 27, 2021

5.0 and later versions


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