H.I.D.E. Mod Apk 0.35.12 (Unlock All Items)

HIDE Mod Apk 0.35.12 – Another great commanding network movement in place some look for and others disguise. Low polygonal graphics, cube-headed characters, a wide range of weapons, giant maps with a mass of objects on them, in addition to many different themes make the course of the tiger very, very spectacular. As already mentioned, gamers will be divided into two teams. Some are armed and able to act, searching the territory for enemies, while others take completely different varieties and hide from view. All this makes the game an effective way to have a delicious and enjoyable time with your friends. HIDE Apk Mod – An unusual movement game in place you have to play “disguise and research” with gamers from all over the world. In this game you have a choice to play or not on the face of the hunter or the sufferer (object). That means it can be very easy, enjoy for an object to cover, and enjoy for the hunter to search. The game has a number of zones, a huge number of objects, weapons and characters.

The gameplay depends instantly on the facet chosen. In one case, you enjoy an object, you want to mask it and watch out for it not to transfer, otherwise you may be discovered and killed. You must use bonuses such as: whistle, which can distract the hunter, a flash that can blind the enemy, a protection that blocks the shells and enemy explosions, in addition to antiradar, which hides you from the hunters after activating the radar bonus. Hunters also have their bonuses, and are primarily geared towards understanding objects rather than eliminating them. As a management is used digital joystick, which can mean that you can move freely between the cameras, dodge assaults from enemies and escape from them. There is also a huge set of auxiliary buttons which means you can use bonus, assault and jump. Typically, the game turned out to be identical to many of its analogues, pleasing only a pleasant cartoon design and a huge collection of skins.

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  • Unlock All Items


April 21, 2021

5.0 and later versions


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