Evil Nun Mod Apk 1.7.5 (The Nun Does Not Attack You)

Evil Now: Scary Horror Game Adventure Mod Apk 1.7.5 it is a superb game during which players can be introduced to an internal boarding school where all the nuns are supervised. It is only here that the young men disappear repeatedly, and the protagonist decides to look for what is happening. And soon she realized that one of God’s many sisters has long since changed from the other facet. And under his guise, he hides a horrible monster. Now gamers must manage to survive in the building on which this roaring offended demon responds to every noise. Along with the way in which, it is important to discover a technique to get away from this inhospitable place. Evil Now: Scary Horror Game Adventure Apk Mod it is a sad first-person movement during which you want to help the protagonist escape from a vicious nun. Help a personality who accidentally finds himself in a deserted high school the place where the spirit of an evil nun wanders. Be careful, the enemy is not only asleep and always moving, listening and getting ready to attack the second most inopportune.

The gameplay is done with a first-person view, the place where you can observe all the things that happen, choose useful gadgets, cover behind shelters and anticipate the second suitable to run the ghost first. Moving silently through dark corridors, look around each room, discover useful gadgets and buy them. Solve difficult puzzles, do not trace the consideration of the ghost and maybe get out of the way. A digital joystick acts as a handle and clicks on interactive areas, while objects that you can work on together also have a list that keeps track of all the gadgets you’ve picked up. The game is a bit scary, atmospheric and insanely fascinating, it tries to get through the chorus in all sorts of ways and open up all the ends.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • the bad money will not attack you
  • the money increases (you need to play by turning off the Internet)


April 8, 2021

4.1 and later versions


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