Butchero Mod Apk 1.74.7 (Menu Mod/Damage Multiple)

Butcher: Epic RPG with Hero Action Adventure Mod Apk 1.74.7 – Action-RPG with the era of casual chance. What takes place in a truly harmful fantasy world, man is very much to be a dominant race. The protagonist decides to show everyone that individuals can withstand any adversity, and sets out on a journey through the territories, the place to every flip he will die. Gamers can have at their disposal a lot of weapons and skills, which must be mixed very clearly and thoughtfully. By acquiring particular traits, distinctive talents and a critical improvement in the chances of success of each movement. Followers of overcoming difficulties will admire this challenge. Butchero Apk Mod – Action arcade with part of role-playing video games, cartoon graphics and a rich number of skills. Above could be performed by a brave warrior, armed with a sharp spear, who only strikes through the loci and fights with monsters. Everywhere to face all enemies, after which you will open the entrance to a new stage with stronger opponents. By destroying enemies, you will get money in gold and useful amps to increase the primary character.

The main feature is the management. For character actions it is payable for the multi-position joystick, located in the core of the display. The hero attacks his enemies on his staff, throwing spears at them, though only when he is stationary and stays in a single place. Of course, at first, the enemies may be stationary, but over time there may be flying creatures, dark mages, archers, and various creatures that can unleash wounds at an extended distance. You need to transfer in a short time on a narrow trajectory and dodge enemy shells. Bonuses are available a number of sorts, reminiscent of the high wound, the high probability of treating a crucial enemy wound, the bifurcation of the projectiles, the gradual restoration, the non-permanent armor, and more. Try to cross all ranges, face the unlimited military of enemies and pump the hero to the maximum, making him an invincible warrior.

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  • God’s way


April 22, 2021

4.1 and later versions


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