Brave Nine (Brown Dust) Mod Apk 1.66.7 (Battles Speed x20/God Mode)


Brown Powder (Brave Nine) Mod Apk 1.66.7 it’s a tactical turn-based RPG, which could be very similar to a well-conceived gameplay. Not only will avid gamers be able to spend a good amount of time behind video games, but they will also be able to reinforce their skills as a strategist, in addition to modeling skills. Stunning and high quality graphics, Asian fashion characters, more than 300 candidates able to enter the company, each of them has its own personal growth system, and so the choices for the structure of the groups are very excellent. Engage, work out your favorite ways, win, challenge your strongest opponents and improve your ranking in the standings. Brown Dust Apk Mod it’s an amazing role-playing game with brave heroes and turn-based tactical battles. The game has a number of primary modes that embody each plot and battles in opposition to current gamers, the strongest place winning military. You will go through a huge kingdom, full of a set of quests, heroes and interesting tactical battles.

The game, conditionally, can be divided into two components, first you have to assemble a troop of soldiers, improve them in every approach, give them fresh talents and equip extra highly effective weapons, and then, go to the battlefield. In the second half, you have to put the characters in the cells of the party participating in the area, based on their type and competence. The doctors, magicians and archers, are located on the new one, and the tanks and knights with swords, go to the entrance rows. The battles are over, the heroes fight with their opponents alone, and the participant only has to watch and watch the completion of the battle. Battles provide skill factors that increase current rank, payout, and crystals, which can lead to accumulating new heroes, increasing their skill and ability. Try your hand at marketing campaign mode, go on raids with various gamers and don’t forget about PvP, the place where your opponent could be a random participant from one another part of the world.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Menu Mod
  • Multiple Damages
  • Multiple Defense
  • Speed ​​Battle X 20

NOTE: Don’t abuse the mod!


January 22, 2021

4.4 and later versions


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