Almost a Hero – Idle RPG Clicker Mod Apk 4.4.4 (Unlimited Money)


Almost a Hero – Idle RPG Clicker Mod Apk 4.4.4 – fun role-playing game with stunning graphics, click-through mechanics, in addition to the unique story fill. What if the heroes have all done it, and those who are already engaged in various rescue operations, analysis expeditions, or are actually organizing a bloodbath in the hell legions of the dead? And if the enemy is right here, almost at the gates of defenseless cities and towns, and the guard can be shaken only for their welfare? That’s right! Recruit a crew of scoundrels who dream of facts, achievements and treasure chests, after which they will send you to avoid losing the world. Correctly? No Success? Of course! Almost a Hero Mod Apk is one of the biggest travel role-playing video games with a clicker part, the losers of the place want to transform into real heroes and protect the world from an unknown risk.

The game combines a number of common genres: Ranner with an aspect view, RPG and clicker. You can find a huge set of legs, which in flip are divided into waves, after passing, you will want to fight with the head. With each stage, the variety of enemies will increase, become much stronger, and to take care of the bosses will probably be extremely hard. The primary distinction between this clicker and the more comparable merchandise is the damage your characters do. In other words, for those who act too passively, then at some point you will lose the hunter, and maybe that will probably be the explanation for spreading the battle. To prevent this, you must spend the wealth gained to value each of the heroes, and in addition do not forget to add new warriors to the team. All characters have acquired safe parameters: the wound inflicted, the speed of the assault, the variety of lives and skills that can stun, freeze or trigger huge wounds to enemies. Along with the direct enchantment of each of the parameters you will gain historical artifacts that will help you improve gold making, variety of lives or injury to enemies. The game is fascinating, has many ranges, easy mechanics, direct operation and a huge amount of characters.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Free update
  • Craft free
  • Unlock as a gift


If you use an old account when you start the game, the game will show offline reward popup
=> don’t touch it, click the “back” button on your device.


January 23, 2021

4.4 and later versions


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