Air Force Jet Fighter Combat Mod Apk 1.053 (Free Shopping)

Air Force Jet Fighter Combat Mod Apk 1.053 – Jet fighters impressed by air power video games, USAF, Russian Military Fighter, and IAF Fighter. This superb aerial fighting sport is the most effective among strike fighters. The largest among the video games for the digital wrestling simulator world. This newest Jetfighter sport is impressed by the jet fight. Plan your tactical missions and start the air combat problem. It destroys floors, sea and air. Fight towards waves of enemy planes in the air Fight. This Air Force airborne sport takes you to war in the latest 3D motion sport. This includes the world’s major airports with precisely reproduced areas and runway lengths. The aircraft you want are real for life in efficiency, handling and fuel capacity: you can check your self in vertical takeoff, take advantage of the variable geometry wings and fly in the cockpit of the most efficient fighter jets. the planet. You can enter the battlefield in a deserted place with enemy tank fighters and enemy jets laying your military base!


By using air carriers or airports as a basis for your missions, you can probably increase your range of motion. Powerfighter Jetfighter Blast Fighting is an aerial assault sport that allows you to fight and fly excessively in the sky with supersonic jet fighters. Really feel the joys of tapping into 10 different top jet types in the historical past of aviation. A variety of different weapons to equip your jet fighter await you, these include cannons, guided airborne air-to-floor missiles that seek heat, bombs, and unguided rockets. Airborne surgery takes you into the world of jet fighter in the fashion of naval assault and capturing the enemy base with your fighter jet. Surgical strikes are the type of air naval assault that is done exactly in an area of ​​environmental warfare. In this current surgical shotgun sport, you have to assault the air for a lot of types of surgical strikes such as aerial surgical strikes, naval surgical strikes, jet fighter jet fights, and Air to Soldier capture combat. Fly a jet fighter in a terrific flight simulator sport of air assault and lead your jet fighter to face enemies in this sport of jet fighter bombing. Find the enemy at the bottom and block them to attack the enemy bombers together with your extremely equipped jet fighter and shoot them to death.

  • Aerial surgery shots: Your metropolis is under the command of the enemy. It is a must to destroy its full base which is filled with anti-aircraft weapons.
  • Airstrike military war zone: Destroy the enemy base completely. This time they have higher security measures with anti-aircraft weapons in addition to Humvee anti-aircraft.
  • Fashionable Air Assault: Enemy guards his gasoline assets on his Island; destroy them at any cost.
  • Naval surgery shots: Eliminate the enemy from the ocean, Enter the territory of your nation. It is a must to destroy one aircraft supplier, two fighter jets, and two helicopters.
  • Dogfight: Destroy the enemy air base guarded by seven fighter jets and three cannon helicopters; it destroys everyone

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April 5, 2021

4.1 and later versions


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